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Volumising Hair Mask
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Volumising Hair Mask, 200ml

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The Volumising Hair Mask developed by Bema Cosmetici Laboratories completes the Shampoo’s action. Massage along the entire hair length and on the scalp to allow its functional ingredients to enhance and improve the effects already released while cleansing. Its strengthening effect on thin and brittle hair is due to the Baobab leaf extracts, Passion Fruit...
Strengthening and Revitalising Hair Mask
Masks and Oils

Strengthening and Revitalising Hair Mask, 200ml

The Indian Kino Tree Extract and Açaí Oil allow this innovative hair mask to stimulate, regenerate and restructure the connective tissue of brittle and thinning hair, making it stronger. Organic Macadamia Oil, Organic Olive Oil, Marine Glycogen, and Organic Green Tea and Cornflower Distilled Water make hair more resistant against the harmful effects of...
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Suhkur, Syramena, kuldne toor-roo, 1kg / Baule Volante
Masks and Oils

Repairing hair mask with chamomile, 300ml

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Soft hair mask makes your hair shiny and bright. Improves hair manageability and combing, nourishes and moisturizes deeply. Contains chamomole extract form organic farming, royal jelly and wheat proteins. Revitalizes your hair and helps to eliminate split ends.
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Hair oil with keratine and almond, 125ml / BiosLine
Masks and Oils

Repairing and Restructuring Hair Oil, 125ml

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Beauty drops to repair and restructure your hair. Contains Fitokeratin from Rice, a special "vegetal keratin" that creates a natural protectice barrier and restructures the hair fiber. Its special formula has been designed to strenghten the hair from the roots to the ends, a perfect product for dry and damaged hair and for a frequent use. Suitable for...
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Castor Oil bio, 50ml, anti-infiammatory, acne, dry skin / Naturado

Cold pressed Castor Oil, 50ml

Castor Oil is an anti-inflammatory and anti-oxidant oil which has been used for centuries for its therapeutic and medicinal benefits. This is because ricinoleic acid, which prevents the growth of bacteria, yeast, and viruses.  Helpful against: sunburn, abrasions, acne, dry skin, boils, warts, stretch marks, liver/age spots, athletes foot and chronic...
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Macadamia Oil, Cold Pressed, 100ml

Sapone di un Tempo
Macadamia oil (Macadamia integrifolia) is derived primarily from macadamia nuts growing in Australia. Macadamia is a very good source of fatty acids, making this oil very beneficial to the skin. Absorbs quickly without greasy residue. Suitable for dry and aging skin, as a massage oil, and after sun skin care. Macadamia oil makes hair smooth and easy to...
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Omega 369 Natural Hair Oil with Vitamin E, 100ml

Rich in vitamins K, A, B, C, D & E, amino acids, and minerals. Our Omega 3 6 9 Natural Hair Oil with Vitamin E promotes hair growth by working from the scalp and root of the problem. This truly amazing formula contains our prized Australian Emu Oil and essential oils enriched with vitamins and vital nutrients directly to follicles. Proper nutrition of...
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Masks and Oils

Hair Mask, 500ml

Ekos Pierpaoli
Ekos hair mask contains hydrolysed Moringa seed protein, that protects and cares for your hair. Especially good for highly stressed and damaged (by hair dyes and using hairdryers with too high temperatures) hair. The product contains an extract from organic oats, which deeply nourishes your hair. These two components gives volume and softness to your...
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Masks and Oils

Nourishing Hair Mask, 200ml

Sapone di un Tempo
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Organic and Enviromentally friendly nourishing hair mask formulated with organic Aloe Vera juice, known for its moisturizer and protective effects. Enriched with Coconut oil, scientific studies shown it reduces hair degradation for its chemical similarity with hair fibers that induce deep absorpiotion; Shea butter, it has nourishing and emollient effects:...
Price for customer: €10.35
Coconut Hair Oil

Coconut Hair Oil, 100ml

This unique hair oil is a mixture of organic almond, jojoba, broccoli seed and coconut oil which provides shine and nourishes normal to dry as well as damaged hair. Apply the oil in dry or moisturized hair excluding the roots. Use only a small amount. 
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Rhubarb Hair Mask with Castor Oil, 250ml

Intensely moisturizing and nourishing professional hair care series created for dry and damaged hair. Enriched with castor and macadamia nut oil to rehydrate, revitalize and smoothe damaged hair. The power of plants balances and helps to regulate dry scalp. The natural treatment improves the hair structure and reduces frizz, adding an enchanting shine....
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Cream Oil for Hair

Cream Oil for Hair, 50ml

Nourishing, protective, anti-frizz disciplining, brightening cream with a high content of oils. Suitable for all kinds of hair, it is ideal as post drying finish or as daily treatment to soften and manage the driest parts that tend to be frizzy and to ensure nourishment and protection every day, giving a touch of scented brightness and silkiness. 
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Cold Pressed Carrot Oil
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Cold Pressed Carrot Oil, 50ml

Erbe di Janas
Due to the content of beta-carotene, carrot oil keeps the skin soft, youthful and elastic. Useful in case of Vitamin A deficiency and dermatological problems such as dermatitis, sunburn and high dryness of the skin. Valid help in case of fragility of the nails or hair. Excellent as aftersun and in the period before sun exposure, to facilitate tanning....
Price for customer: €13.11
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