Smoothing age defence Cream for men, 50ml

A high-performance and multi-benefit facial cream to accelerate hydration, relieve after-shave effects, and improve the tone and texture of skin. Preserves moisture levels for 24 hours.
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Face Cream for Men, 50ml

The skin needs moisture to stay soft and fresh-looking. After shaving the man cream influences calming on irritated skin. Avocado oil is softening and moisturizing. Apricot kernel oil is rejuvenate the skin and maintains its elasticity. The cream is for every day use – morning and evening. Apply on a well cleansed face and neck. Suits for all skin types....
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Men Face & Body Lotion, 150ml

Face & Body Lotion with a fresh masculine scent of juniper contains a powerful combination of organic baobab, liquorice and aloe vera. Liquorice to protect against pollution. Aloe vera to calm and regenerate. Baobab, hyaluronic acid and hexapeptide to help nourish and moisturize face and body. This lotion helps with the challenges of an active life...
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Gift Set “Men’s Face Care”

Nurme's natural gift set for men includes men's soap, mint lip balm and face cream with coriander and black pepper. Men's soap is a natural handmade two in one soap. It is suitable for washing the body as well as shaving. The soap cleans pores and has an antiseptic effect. To shave, the soap must first be rubbed tightly into the foam. Mint lip balm...
Price for customer: €26.55
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