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Organic Face Wax, 20pcs

Hanne Bang Hårfjerning
Hanne Bang Organic Face Wax is an organic hair removal wax, which consists of 100% natural ingredients. With the wax strips you can easily, quickly and effectively remove unwanted hair growth on the face. The hair growth is removed at the root, and the skin is then left smooth and free of hair growth for 4-6 weeks. Perfume free. The product has not been...
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Sugaring Wax for Face, 15g

Hanne Bang Hårfjerning
Hanne Bang Sugaring Wax Face is an organic hair removal wax, based on completely natural ingredients, which quickly, gently and effectively removes unwanted hair growth on the face, and gives a smooth and soft result for 4-6 weeks. Wax is in a practical tube, which ensures a very precise application of the wax, which makes it ideal to use for removing...
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