Naturado Green clay powder Montmorillonite 1kg

Green clay powder Montmorillonite, 1kg


Guaranteed 100% natural origin without any chemical treatment or gamma rays. It is transformed by a mechanical process which does not corrupt its natural qualities.

Usage: in a non-metal container, put some amout of clay. Add water to cover up the clay. Leave for 5 minutes for the clay to absorb water and form a paste. Apply the paste on the skin as a cleansing or tonic mask or as a poultice for 20 min. to 2 hours.  

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Ingredients: 100% Montmorillonite (Green clay)

The ready solution can be stored for a few days if closed hermetically.

Among all the clays, the green montmorillonite is by far the bestperformance in the areas of wellness and cosmetics. This clay is remarkably detoxifying, absorbent, remineralizing and healing.

Practical and fast utilization in any event : dint, sting, beauty mask. You can use it also in combination with white clay (kaolin) or Naturado vegetable oils.

Le Comptoir Provençal Montmorillonite green clay comes from a quarry of Massif Central in the South of France. It is famous for the exceptional quality of the environment and the volcanic site.

Our clay is characterized by a high content of magnesium and a very large adsorption capacity (CEC of 80 to 150 meq / 100 g minimum).

Paraben free, preservative free, no chemical stain. 100% natural.

No animal testing, no animal by-product

Producer: Comptoir Provencal des Argiles, France

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