Sugar Beet Syrup, 450g


Organic Sugar Beet Syrup is the pure, natural juice of freshly harvested cooked sugar beet carefully concentrated under vacuum - without added ingredients and without chemical treatment. This delicious sandwich spread is a special treat for every breakfast. Can also be used for sweetening sauces, desserts and as a baking ingredient. Vegan.

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Nutrition value per 100g 
Energy 1287kJ/304kcal
Fat 0,3g
- of which saturates <0,3g
Carbohydrate 70g
- of which sugars 67g
Fibre 5,5g
Protein 2,0g
Salt <0,2g
Iron 18mg (129% NRV*)
Magnesium 90mg (24% NRV*)
Special diet
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