Anti-odorant Spray "Wood Tea" no-gas Man, 100ml /BEMA

Anti-odorant Spray "Wood Tea" no-gas Man, 100ml

The sensual fragrance, from essential oils: citrusy, oral and woody for men
With Aloe and Honeysuckle extracts and organic distilled waters of Lavender and Sage.

 Anti-odorant spray without propellants, alcohol, perfume and aluminium chlorhydrate or other aggressive agents.


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Ideal for active living men, it gives a pleasant sensation of freshness all day long. It neutralizes body odours without altering the physiological equilibrium of the skin and without inhibiting normal perspiration. Well tolerated by particularly sensitive skins.

It is an organic line of products with anti-odorant effect. 
Without perfumes, alcohol, aluminium chlorhydrate, combining the efficacy of an excellent deodorant with the typical softness of organic-origin vegetal products. Ideal for those suffering from excessive perspiration thanks to the “active regulator”, the Rock Alum, which is a natural bacteriostatic. These Anti-odorants reduce excessive perspiration without allowing unpleasant smells to develop. Thanks to the exclusive synergy of Flowers Organic Distilled Waters, the skin breathes naturally returning to its normal physiological condition. Without perfume and without allergens. Effective for more than 24 hours. It does not leave stains on clothes.Our products are:
* Nickel, Chromium and Cobalt tested to avoid risk of skin allergies
*dermatologically tested
*microbiologically tested
*dioxin free
*NON-GMO and derivatives
* vegetal/natural origin
*with extracts from organic agriculture
*alcohol free
*colouring agents free
* animal substances free
*SLES/SLS free
*silicons free
*formaldheide free
*without paraffines, petrol based substances or any other substance of chemical or synthetic origin;

Bema Cosmetici 
aware of the ecological problems, respect the environment using:

• recycled material for the packaging; also recycle of own paper and cardboard;
• the materials used in sale are not whitened using chlorine and the printing ink is water ink in order to be completely recycled.
• the containers are made of glass and plastic (PE/PP) easily recyclable;
• the products have been made without any minor exploitation and fully made in Italy.


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Paistab, et sel on tõesti mõju, olen mõnda aega kasutanud nii spreid kui rulldeodoranti. Tegemist on samas ühe maailma parima lõhnaga, mis sobib nii meestele kui naistele. Kahju ainult, et see lõhn on nii nõrk ja nii vähe aega püsib, aga võib-olla looduslike asjadega ongi nii.

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