Gallette corn, gluten free, 110g / Fior di Loto

Gallette corn, gluten free, 110g

Pleasant and fragrant corn cakes, excellent substitute for bread.
This product does not contain gluten. is included in the AIC, so it is suitable for consumption by celiac patients.
Ingredients: Organic corn 99,7%, salt


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Fior di Loto

Fior di Loto was created in 1972 when the first “del naturale” store was opened in Torino. The market continued to develop, macrobiotic products left the floor to organic foods, as per the standards starting to be in force in 1991. The 100% vegetal slowly assimilating sugar made recipes (no saccharose) were the trigger point for the current preparation know-how of dairy, egg, butter free products, sweetened with malt and concentrated fruit juices. Specific products for “Food intolerances” were created.Fior di Loto is a reference point for prevention methods, using a selection of healthy simple foods, easy to digest, balanced and provided with high performing standards of quality and control, always oriented to tasty flavors.

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