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Dishwasher Rinse Aid, 500ml

5,70 €
Ecozones Dishwasher Rinse Aid will ensure your dishes and glasses are left sparkling with every load. The natural ingredients in the formula help to clear any unwanted particles during the rinse cycle that may be left over after the dishwashing cycle has finished. However, ultimately using our Rinse Aid it will work to dry those dishes faster reducing...
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Magnoball Anti-Limescale, 1pcs

2 Reviews
16,60 €
Ecozone Magnoball is a maintenance product for your washing machine and dishwasher that can help to show effects of limescale removal in the wash process after around 5 washes. A neat invention and design, its soft spherical casing hosts two magnets inside, so all you need to do is simply pop the Ecozone Magnoball as it is it into the drum of the...
Price for customer: 15,77 €
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