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Nourishing Face Mask, 50ml

Nature Up
15,90 €
Moisturising, elasticing and collagen-boosting action. Thanks to the rucola extract, this product moisturises and softens your skin while boosting collagen production! The perfect remedy for stressed skin and whenever you need a nourishing and filling effect.
Price for customer: 15,11 €
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Кремы, сыворотки

Eye Gel Mask, 30ml

Nature Up
22,90 €
Eye Gel Mask to reduce bags and dark circles. If left for 15-20 minutes, it helps reduce bags, soothing and illuminating your eyes. Functional ingredients: Arbutin - depigmenting action, Brown seaweed - draining action, Mullen - brightening action and Hyaluronic acid - moisturising action.
Price for customer: 21,75 €
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