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Massage Cup for Eyes, 1pc
9,70 €
Medical silicone massage cup; 1,5cm x 5cm. • Smooths and prevents fine lines • Reduces the appearance of dark circles • Improves microcirculation • Lifts and tones skin around the eye and lips area
Price for customer: 9,21 €

Body Cup for Cupping Therapy, 1pc
15,70 €
Medical silicone massage cup 5,5cm x 5,5cm. Cup massage is combined with hand massage. Using a cup to massage, it suctions tissue vertically and horizontally, allowing them to be worked with greater intensity. It also improves the lymphatic and blood circulatory system and digestive system. Cup massage tones the skin, intensifies the blood circulatory...
Price for customer: 14,91 €
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