Squeezy pouch: banana, apple, raspberry, 100g / Erdbär

Squeezy pouch: banana, strawberry, quinoa, 100g


100% organic fruit and vegetables. No sugars, no additives, no artificial flavourings or colourings. No need for refrigeration.

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2,19 €

21,90 €/kg

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Suitable from 12 months.

Ingredients: banana puree* 69.8%, strawberries* 28%, quinoa flour* 2%, beetroot juice concentrate* 0.2%, lemon juice concentrate*

*from organic farming

Nutrition information per 100g: energy 351kJ / 84kcal, fats 0.6g (of which saturated 0.1g), carbohydrates 18g (of which sugars 13g), fibre 1.9g, protein 0.7g, salt 0g. Contains only naturally occurring fruit sugars.

Made in Germany

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