Porridge for Babies, Banana-Plum, 200g


Porridge with banana and plum is ideal for discovering new textures. Suitable from 7 months of age. Ideal for a balanced diet. Without added sugar.

Ingredients: wholemeal oat flakes* 30%, wholemeal oatmeal* 18%, dried banana flakes* 16%, wholemeal wheat flour* 12%, wholemeal rye flour* 11%, dried plum pieces* 8%, puffed rice flour*, vitamin B1.

*from organic farming

May contain traces of nuts.

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Preparation (for 90g portion): add 6 tablespoons of porridge powder to the bowl and then add 12 tablespoons of cold or lukewarm milk. Mix thoroughly and allow to swell if necessary. Do not heat the porridge in the microwave. Once opened, use within 1 month and store in an airtight container.

Nutrition information per 100g  per portion (90g) 
Energy 1526kJ/361kcal 482kJ/115kcal
Fat 4,0g 3,1g
   - of which saturated  0,9g 1,0g
Carbohydrates 66g 18g
   - of which sugars 12g 6,8g
Fiber 9,0g 1,9g
Protein 11g 3,0g
Salt 0,01g 0,04g
Sodium 0g 0,02g
Vitamin B1 0,80mg 0,19mg

Made in Germany.  

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