Gluten Free Vegetable Salty Snack, 55g


Gluten free vegetable snack is the yummy and colourful proposal for chips lovers. This product combines the traditional taste of chips with the delicious taste of vegetables. Delightfully crispy with an irresistible and natural taste this snack is not fried but low temperature oven-baked; it is made with sunflower oil only, in order to exalt the authentic taste of vegetables.

Ingredients: potato starch*, corn flour*, potato flakes*, sunflower oil*, dehydrated vegetables* in variable proportion 6% (carrot*, beetroot*, spinach*, broccoli*), flavour enhancer (maltodextrin*, sea salt, cane sugar*, yeast extract*, sunflower oil*).

*organic product

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2,60 €

47,27 €/kg

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Nutrition value per 100g per 55g
Energy 1841kJ/437kcal 1013kJ/240kcal
Fat 12g 6,6g
- of which saturates 1,1g 0,6g
Carbohydrate 75g 41g
- of which sugars 1,6g 0,9g
Fibre 2,5g 1,4g
Protein 6g 3,3g
Salt 1,80g 0,99g

Store in a cool and dry place.

Made in Italy

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