Anti Age Лосьон тонизирующий для контуров глаз и губ , 30ml / Naturys

Anti Age Лосьон тонизирующий для контуров глаз и губ , 30ml

Идеальное средство для ухода за зонами вокруг глаз и губ. Активные компоненты, содержащиеся в нём, исполняют три основных функции: выведение излишка влаги и жиров, избавление от тёмных кругов под глазами и устранение мешков под глазами.
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Способ применения: Нанесите на зону вокруг глаз и губ.


Состав:  вода, цетеариловый глюкозид, экстракт оливы*, цетеариловый спирт, цетеариловый спирт, коко глицериды, глицерин, экстракт гинкго дволистого, гексилдеканол, гексилдецил лаурат, цетилфосфат калия, экстракт корня женьшеня, экстракт азиатского щитолистника, фосфолипиды, лецитин, изофлавоноиды сои, экстракт ежевики, токоферол (витамин Е), дубильный экстракт ивы,  экстракт жимолости, глицерил каприлат, лимонная кислота, дикаприлил карбонат, лаурилглюкозакарбоксилят, лауриловий глюкозид, каолин, душистое вещество (аромат), аскорбил

NATURYS - Advanced Face- and Body Care products for Beauty Farms and Wellness Centers. Special, professional care at home. By Bema Cosmetici Srl.

ANTI-AGE LINE NATURYS- This is a protective, collagen stimulating treatment. Arctic Cloudberry encourages re-generation of the skin’s lipid barrier and its anti-oxidant action protects from free radicals. An extract of arctic algae creates a UVA/UVB filter, giving a defense against the aging effects of the sun. Suitable as a preventative treatment for younger skins and a delay treatment for mature skins, this treatment restores nourishment and strength, and smoothes out wrinkles.

Product Line Main Active Ingredients:

These are phytoestrogens extracted from Soya. Their main function is anti-oxidant as they protect from UV radiation, free radicals (the main cause of skin ageing) and help reduce hyper-pigmentation. Soya Isoflavons stimulate fibroblasts to produce collagen and hyaluronic acid that prevent and slow down the skin ageing.

ARCTIC CLOUDBERRY (Rubus Chamaemorus)
This berry, unique to Lapland, contains essential fatty acids that encourage the regeneration of the skin lipid barrier: it is rich in tocopherols and pro.vitamin A (Beta-Carotene) with anti-oxidant action and it protects from free radicals.

Bema Cosmetici doesn't effect any test on animals and doesn't use raw materials tested on them.

Our products are:

* Nickel, Chromium and Cobalt tested to avoid risk of skin allergies
*dermatologically tested
*microbiologically tested
*dioxin free
*NON-GMO and derivatives
* vegetal/natural origin
*with extracts from organic agriculture
*alcohol free
*colouring agents free
* animal substances free
*SLES/SLS free
*silicons free
*formaldheide free
*without paraffines, petrol based substances or any other substance of chemical or synthetic origin;

Bema Cosmetici
aware of the ecological problems, respect the environment using:

• recycled material for the packaging; also recycle of own paper and cardboard;
• the materials used in sale are not whitened using chlorine and the printing ink is water ink in order to be completely recycled.
• the containers are made of glass and plastic (PE/PP) easily recyclable;
• the products have been made without any minor exploitation and fully made in Italy.
Кремы для области вокруг глаз и губ
Тип кожи
Для зрелой кожи
12 шт.
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