Крем для лица, нормализующий функцию сальных желез, 50ml / Naturys

Крем для лица, нормализующий функцию сальных желез, 50ml


Naturys Крем для лица, нормализующий функцию сальных желез

Крем стимулирует процессы метаболизма и повышает тонус кожи. Контролирует секрецию сальных желез, устраняет закупорку пор, делает кожу матовой, гладкой и здоровой.

Способ применения: Нанесите на очищеную кожу лица и шет нежными массажными движениями.

35,00 €

700,00 €/l

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Состав: вода, экстракт плодов оливы*, гексилдеканол, гексилдециллаурат, цетеариловый глюкозид, дикаприлил карбонат, глицерин, цетеариловый глюкозид, стеариновая кислота, цетилфосфат калия, экстракт бурых водоростей, экстракт масла иллипе, масло таману, масло сладкого миндаля*, пчелиный воск, дубильный экстракт ивы, экстракт жимолости, глицерилкаприлат, лимонная кислота, токоферол (витамин Е), аскорбилпальмитат, лецитин, гидрализированный цитрат пальмовых глицеридов, каолин, душистое вещество.

*ингредиенты с экологических чистых сельскохозяйственных угодий.

Вся продукция создана на основе научных исследований и подтверджена международными знаками качества.


NATURYS - Advanced Face- and Body Care products for Beauty Farms and Wellness Centers. Special, professional care at home. By Bema Cosmetici Srl. Numerous Awards: From Cosmopolitan, Beauty Pro, Grand Prix de la Beaute´.


Suited to oily to combination skins, this treatment is an attack on pesky breakouts. The combination of Red Alga, Polynesian Tamanu Oil and Glycene Soya Extracts is tough against acne, without causing secondary damage to the skin. Strong enough to give a deep cleanse and gentle enough to protect the skin’s hydrolipidic layer, this treatment refines skin texture while leaving the face with a matt, healthy feel.

Product Line Main Active Ingredients:

Products of this line contain PUREXTRACT of Red Alga, a new generation of active principles extracted by means of CO2  at supercritical conditions.

RED ALGA (Asparagopsis Armata)
It is cultivated in the open sea. We use concentrated cell extracts of Red Alga obtained without the use of solvents, rich in organic halogens, Br, I, galactanosulphates with an  anti-acne action, anti-bacterial and anti-micotic action.

TAMANU OIL (Callophillum Tacamahaca Fruit Oil)
Originally from Polynesia, it is obtained through cold pressing of the dried fruits; it fights premature skin ageing. It is suitable for young skins, with an excellent dermo-purifying action on acne as it contains calophyllide and calophyllic acid that are anti-inflammatory, healing and anti-microbic.

GLYCINE SOJA *(Soybean) Seed Extract
Oil extracted from yellow Soya coming from organic cultivations and NON-GMO.
Rich in essential fat acids, mineral salts, oligo-elements, lecithin, Vitamin A and E. It has emollient, nourishing and mineralizing properties. It helps to maintain skin moisture and elasticity.
*from organic agriculture


Bema Cosmetici doesn't effect any test on animals and doesn't use raw materials tested on them.

Our products are:

* Nickel, Chromium and Cobalt tested to avoid risk of skin allergies
*dermatologically tested
*microbiologically tested
*dioxin free
*NON-GMO and derivatives
* vegetal/natural origin
*with extracts from organic agriculture
*alcohol free
*colouring agents free
* animal substances free
*SLES/SLS free
*silicons free
*formaldheide free
*without paraffines, petrol based substances or any other substance of chemical or synthetic origin;

Bema Cosmetici
aware of the ecological problems, respect the environment using:

• recycled material for the packaging; also recycle of own paper and cardboard;
• the materials used in sale are not whitened using chlorine and the printing ink is water ink in order to be completely recycled.
• the containers are made of glass and plastic (PE/PP) easily recyclable;
• the products have been made without any minor exploitation and fully made in Italy.
Крема для лица
Тип кожи
Для жирной и проблемной кожи
16 шт.
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