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Pistachio Cream, 200g


Delicious sweet cream, excellent for spreading, filling and garnish. Eventual floating oil and formation of lumps is natural and a guarantee of quality and genuineness. Stir before use. Gluten and lactose free, without food additives and hydrogenated fats.

Ingredients: sugar cane*, pistachio* (30%), sunflower seed oil*, cocoa butter*, salt.

*from organic agriculture

May contain traces of fruit in shell, sesame.

13,10 €

65,50 €/kg

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Nutritional value  per 100g 
Energy 2311kJ/554kcal
Fat 32,9g
   - of which saturated 3,29g
Carbohydrate 55,5g
   - of which sugars 49,7g
Fiber 2,8g
Protein 7,2g
Salt 0,64g

Made in Italy.

6 шт.

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