Herbal super drink "Skin Food", 125g / Nutrisslim

Herbal super mix "Skin Food", 125g / dietary supplement


Increases health and beauty of your skin!

  • Contributes to skin health
  • Protects cells from ageing
  • Antioxidant activity in case of UV damage
  • Vegan
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Product description

Since the good appearance depends on health and beauty of the skin, we prepared for you the SKIN FOOD herbal super drink.

SKIN FOOD superfood mixture contains MSM, Chia powder, Astragalus, Rosehip, Triphala and coconut palm sugar as a sweetener.


For whom is it for?

  • for all those who have problems with skin
  • for all those who have tired skin



MSM (Methylsulfonylmethane) powder (37,5%), Erythritol (19,5%), Triphala powder (11%), Chia powder (9%), Rosehip powder (7,5%), Coconut palm sugar (7,5%), Natural orange flavour (5%), Astragalus (2,5%), Stevia-steviol glycosides (0,5%)


How does it work?

Triphala contributes to healthy skin form the inside. It helps to stabilize skin’s health and its natural resistance. Mixture contains astragalus, which is high in antioxidants and are essential for our skin. They protect the skin from free radicals that are causing cell damage. With the use of antioxidants the skin is more youthful, smooth, flexible and elastic, and healthier in particular.

Whenever our skin is strongly influenced by external factors – exhaust gases, dirty air, air conditioning or heating, free radicals are formed in the skin and are attacking it. And because this is happening every day, our skin is unable to heal itself, so there are slowly but steadily produced visible signs of aging. Antioxidants help catch and destroy free radicals on skin; therefore we can say that they protect the skin, so it has the ability to protect itself, because otherwise there is excessive free radicals attack and ongoing inflammation. 


Usage instructions

Once a day add 1-2 teaspoons (5-10 g) of SKIN FOOD herbal super drink to your favourite beverage.



Recommended daily intake should not be exceeded. Keep out of reach of children! It is not recommended for use during pregnancy or lactation. Dietary supplement should not be used as a substitute for a balanced and varied diet.

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