Coconut Milk, 200ml


Maya Gold organic coconut milk is made by cold pressing the pure coconut meat and then separating the oil so that only the coconut cream remains. The milk is then diluted with water and mixed to create a homogenised substance. Coconut milk is an excellent lactose free dairy substitute. Use it in sauces, curries, smoothies and more, or drink it as a cold beverage. There are no exploited monkeys when harvesting coconuts. Suitable for vegans. Keep refrigerated when opened.

Ingredients: organic coconut milk (50%), water (50%).


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11,00 €/l

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Nutritional values per 100g
Energy 726kJ/174kcal
Fat 17g
  -of which saturated 14,9g
Carbohydrates 2,6g
  -of which sugars 1,7g
Fibers 1g
Protein 1,1g
Salt 15mg
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