Gluten Free Waffle and Pancake Flour, 200g

Gluten free flour mix made from controlled organic products to make pancakes and waffles.
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12,75 €/kg

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Ingredients: rice flour*, wholemeal rice flour*, tapioca starch*, baking powder (raising agent: sodium bicarbonate, acidifier: mono potassium tartrate, cornflour*), sea salt.

*certified organic

Preparing the waffles: break 2 eggs into a bowl, add the contents of the package, 75g of soft butter, 80g sugra and 200ml milk, and mix together to make a smooth dough. Grease a waffle iron and bake the dough in it.

Preparing the pancakes: mix the contents of the package with 3 eggs and 300ml of milk into a smooth dough and bake in portions on both sides in a greased pan at medium heat. For a vegan version, use 300ml of a soya drink (or cereal drink) and 200g of soya yoghurt instead of eggs and milk.

Nutritional information  per 100g 
Energy 1526kJ/360kcal
Fat 1,1g
   -of which saturated 0,4g
Carbohydrates 79g
   -of which sugars 0,1g
Fiber  2,0g
Proteins 7,1g
Salt 0,65g


Made in Germany.

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