Food Packaging

Beeswax and cotton cloth wrap for food L, 34x34cm / BEE IN
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Food Packaging

Beeswax and cotton cloth wrap for food S, 20x20cm

BEE IN is a natural alternative for food storage at your home. The product is made from natural beeswax and cotton cloth. HOW TO USE:Wrap cheese, bread, vegetables, fruits, herbs in it or simply put it over a bowl of salad. WASHING:Wash with cool water with dish soap, hang to dry, fold and store in your kitchen. Reuse for about a year.
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Food Packaging

Baking Paper, 12m

Made of natural unbleached PEFC certified and compostable cellulose fiber.  Made in Italy.
Price for customer: €2.37
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Food Packaging

Food Wrap, 12m

Biodegradable and compostable food wrap. Food wrap made from MATER-BI is biodegradable and compostable according to UNI EN 13432. Therefore, this can be discarded with food waste for compost production. It is suitable for use on all foods, including high-fat foods. Maintains the freshness of each food for a long time, both inside and outside the...
Price for customer: €3.09
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