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Hair growth dietary supplement for men, 60 capsules / BioKap
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Hair Growth Complex for Men, 60 capsules / Dietary Supplement

Bios Line Principium
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BioKap® Miglio Uomo is a food supplement specifically formulated for men, with Tricofoltil®, a linseed oil-based complex rich in Alpha-Linolenic Acid enriched with Copper that contributes to normal hair pigmentation and Biotin that contributes to keeping hair normal.
Shampoo-shower gel for Men, 200ml, Tamanu / Naturado
Shower Gels & Face Cleaning

Shampoo-shower gel for Men, 200ml

The Maori tribes from French Polynesia have always used the sacred oil of Tamanu before their ancestral rituals. The exclusive formula of this natural shampoo and shower gel contains the precious organic* oil of Tamanu and papaye extract to vitalize your body and mind with an intense freshness and energy.
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Shampoo-Shower Gel "Sport", 250ml

Ekos Pierpaoli
Contains glycerin and organic mint essential oil, that has well known refreshing and invigorating properties. Mint makes the product particularly suitable to those who practice sport and physical activities. Thanks to the presence of an eco-friendly amidoamine (vegetable origin) with a conditioning and antistatic effect, the product leaves the hair light...
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Mint & Rosemary Shampoo for Men, 250ml

This shampoo contains natural peppermint and rosemary essential olis. It re-energizes your hair and leaves plasant fragrance. The contents of this shampoo vitalizes hair follicles.
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