Mint floss, 50m / Radius
Mint floss, 50m / Radius
Mint floss, 50m / Radius
Mint floss, 50m / Radius
Mint floss, 50m / Radius
Mint floss, 50m / Radius

Mint floss, 50m


Functional, fabulous floss

Flossing is an integral part of any thorough oral care regimen, but not all flosses are created equal. Our velvety floss is free from the toxins found in similar products and glides easily between teeth for a meticulously clean finish.

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Ingredients: Natural USA-made Xylitol, Natural Mint, Natural Tea Tree Oil, Vegan Candelilla wax, soft nylon

Super-Soft Consistency – Our sponge-like floss is coated in vegan candelilla plant wax (derived from candelilla shrubs in the Southwestern US desert). It’s smooth when tightened but has a grab-and-grip function as it glides between teeth for total tooth and gum protection.

Tastes Great – We didn’t just pick our floss flavours on a whim. We chose natural Mint and Tea Tree, a well-known antiseptic, to make our floss taste as good as using it feels.

Xylitol for an Oral Care Boost – USA-sourced Xylitol is a natural flavor enhancer (derived from plants). It’s proven to reduce acidity in the mouth while preventing bacteria, making it a great asset in the fight against tooth decay.

Compassionately Made – Not only is our floss 100% vegan and cruelty-free, it’s also Leaping Bunny certified.

No Nasty Ingredients – You won’t find glutens, preservatives, artificial sweeteners, GMOs, unnatural coloring, phthalates, parabens, or any other harmful additives in our floss. Ever.

We also wanted to offer a 100% vegan-friendly version, so we went out in search of a high-level silk alternative, and the result is a floss made from the finest-grade nylon filament. It’s pliable, spongy and, of course, highly effective.

Made in Colombia.

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