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Detergent for Baby Supplies, 500ml

Baby Anthyllis
5,35 €
Liquid detergent for baby bottles, teats, tableware and other items that babies are exposed to. Use 10-15ml for five liters of water. It is recommended that all items that come into contact with the mouth of a child under one year should be sterilized after washing and rinsing. 99% ingredients of natural origin. Dermatologically tested. Nickel,...
Price for customer: 5,08 €
Kleeps vegan
Купить оптом Купить оптом Купить оптом Купить оптом Спрей-дезинфектор для детских принадлежностей, 500мл / Baby Anthyllis

Sanitizing Multipurpose Spray, 500ml

Baby Anthyllis
4,90 €
It ensures a perfect cleaning of surfaces, objects and environments that can come into contact with your baby. It contains surfactants from organic Olive and Rapeseed oils. Scented with organic Citronella essential oil.


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