Matcha & Yerba Mate Accessories

Matcha & Yerba Mate Accessories

Ceramic Matcha Whisk Holder, 1pc

14,90 €
A beautifully simple ceramic whisk holder that will keep your bamboo whisk in the perfect shape and make it last longer. When ordering this product, please write to the comment field in the shopping cart, which of the three colors you would like to receive. If possible, we will send you the preferred color, but we may not always have all the colors in stock.
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Matcha & Yerba Mate Accessories

Matcha Whisk „Chasen“

18,85 €
Bamboo matcha whisk "Chasen". An essential aid for making traditional matcha, so that the tea gets the perfect soft foam. If used correctly, the whisk will last for years, but it is perfectly normal for it to change shape during use. Before use, moisten the whisk in warm water, this will help soften the bristles and prevent them from breaking. Try to...
Price for customer: 17,91 €
Кофейные стаканы

Yerba Mate Cup 240ml, Black

19,90 €
Stainless steel double wall Yerba Mate cup with a bombilla straw and a cleaning brush. Bombilla – straw for yerba mate are essential to drink yerba mate. Without it you will simply be sipping large quantities of tea leaves! After use rinse and let dry.
Price for customer: 17,91 €


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