Масла и сыворотки для волос

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Масло и спреи для тела

Raspberry Seed Oil, 100ml

Biopark Cosmetics
19,85 €
100% pure, cold-pressed, unrefined raspberry seed oil (Rubus Idaeus). Extremely rich in vitamins E and A, which makes it an excellent antioxidant. In addition, the oil is rich in omega-3 and omega-6 fatty acids necessary for the skin. It gives intensive moisture, softens the skin and helps to improve its elasticity. It helps against small lines or...
Price for customer: 18,86 €
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Сыворотки и масла для лица

Касторовое масло с пипеткой, 50мл

Erbe di Janas
10,50 €
Касторовое масло стимулирует рост волос, удлиняет ресницы, делает брови густыми.  Состав: Ricinus communis seed oil Сделано в Италии
Price for customer: 9,98 €
Масла и сыворотки для волос

Omega 369 Natural Hair Oil with Vitamin E, 100ml

Y-Not Natural
26,95 €
Natural hair oil promotes hair growth by working at the scalp and roots of the problem. Our hair oil promotes healthy hair by adding Pure Emu oil and Essential oil´s enriched with vitamins and vital nutrient directly to follicles. Proper nutrition of hair and scalp are essential in order to promote healthier, longer, stronger, and more lustrous head of...
Price for customer: 25,60 €
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Coconut Hair Oil, 100ml

10,90 €
This unique hair oil is a mixture of organic almond, jojoba, broccoli seed and coconut oil which provides shine and nourishes normal to dry as well as damaged hair. Apply the oil in dry or moisturized hair excluding the roots. Use only a small amount. 
Price for customer: 10,35 €
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Масло для волос, 125мл

14,60 €
Масло-сыворотка для восстановления волос. Содержит фитокератины риса, которые покрывают волосы естественным защитным барьером. Специальная формула с маслом сладкого миндаля и аргана укрепляет волосы от корней до кончиков. Идеально подходит для сухих и поврежденных волос, подходит для частого использования. Подходит для веганов.
Price for customer: 13,87 €
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Cream Oil for Hair, 50ml

17,10 €
Nourishing, protective, anti-frizz disciplining, brightening cream with a high content of oils. Suitable for all kinds of hair, it is ideal as post drying finish or as daily treatment to soften and manage the driest parts that tend to be frizzy and to ensure nourishment and protection every day, giving a touch of scented brightness and silkiness. 
Price for customer: 16,25 €
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