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Fingerpaints, 4x150g

19,70 €
Natural bright paints from renewable raw materials. For painting with fingers, brush and a sponge on paper, glass, wood or and other surfaces. Easy to apply. Can be mixed with other paints from the same set. The creamy consistency prevents dripping. Excellent covering and improved glossiness. Suitable for different painting techniques favored by the...
Price for customer: 18,72 €
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Natural Egg Dyes, 5 Colours

6,60 €
Natural egg-dye for coloring while cooking. Enough to stain 5 eggs per each color in one round. With every new round of staining, the color becomes paler. The final color may differ between the eggs due to the natural properties of the eggshell.  Ingredients: natural food colorants: Turmeric (curcuminoids) E100, Cochineal E120, Chlorophylline E140, salt....
Price for customer: 6,27 €

Water colors

6,90 €
Contents 6 natural colors: red, yellow, green, orange, blue and pink. The colors have a natural shine. They are also suitable for painting on colored eggs, but they are ideally for painting on white or brown natural eggs. The natural colors react on each egg, so that different color nuances develop. The subtle natural colours are transformed into...
Price for customer: 6,56 €
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