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Anti Mosquito Wristband, 2x15 Days Protection, Pink

Mozzi Watch
8,90 €
Natural mosquito repellent bracelet for the whole family! One set includes: 1 x MozziWatch bracelet, 2 x MozziPill refills. Our mosquito watch has a silicone chamber which holds a rubber pill impregnated with natural oils. When using MozziWatch, the active ingredients are slowly released into the air creating a protective halo around you which keeps...
Price for customer: 8,46 €

Anti Mosquito Spray, 75ml

Mozzi Watch
10,00 €
Natural plant based mosquito repellent. MozziWatch Spray is scientifically proven to protect the whole family against mosquitoes, midges and ticks – all with an active ingredient directly from nature’s sustainably harvested lemon eucalyptus oil. Our spray has a pleasant scent, no plasticising effect and leaves no marks if sprayed on clothes. Suitable...
Price for customer: 9,50 €
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