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Fragrance Reed Diffuser "Sensual", 100ml


The home fragrance fills the room with a wonderful aroma. The oriental combination of may-chang, orange and ylang is charmingly sensual, filling the senses with romantic emotions. The home freshener is made from an environmentally friendly base of natural origin and high-quality aroma and essential oils. The intensity of the scent can be adjusted by the number of aroma sticks and the frequency of rotating the sticks.

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How to use: Remove the decorative cap and the inner protective cap from the bottle, screw the decorative cap back onto the bottle and place the sticks in the bottle. The liquid soaks into the sticks and the smell begins to release within 24 hours. Placing the home freshener in a place where the air moves ensures better diffusion of the scent in the room. Rotate the sticks every few weeks to ensure a more consistent and stronger aroma. The aroma of the home freshener lasts at least 3-4 months.

Made in Estonia.

3 шт.

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