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Palo Santo Aromatic Sticks, 5pcs


The Palo Santo Aromatic Stick is a totally natural incense, with a characteristic aroma given by a magical mixture of aromatic compounds that develop and mature while the wood lies on the ground after the natural fall of the branches. The Palo Santo Aromatic Stick is burned to deeply purify the environments, both from bacteria and from negative energies and vibrations. It can be placed in various environments that require fumigation and is particularly suitable for creating an atmosphere conducive to meditation and relaxation of body and mind, which are predisposed to achieving balance and harmony. We only offer products that have been obtained from naturally fallen trees in Peru forests.

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How to use: To enjoy its aroma it is necessary to burn the end of the stick for about ten seconds, then turn it off or let it go off. This will create a bit of embers and fragrant smoke, which will diffuse the characteristic fragrance of the Palo Santo in the environment. Each piece of wood can be used several times, but it is necessary to feed the flame of the Palo Santo wood from time to time, blowing on it, as it is subject to extinction. Furthermore, to avoid altering the original fragrance and blackening the stick excessively, the flame should not be kept on for a long time, it is suggested instead to light it and turn it off several times, then shaking the stick like when a match is extinguished.

Attention! Keep the burning stick out of the reach of children and pets! Never leave a burning stick unattended!

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