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Celtic Sea Salt, Coarse, 400g


Celtic sea salt has a gray color because the sea salt mixes with various clay minerals. Celtic sea salt is therefore richer in minerals than other forms of salt. Because the salt is not washed, all minerals are retained. The clay swamps also ensure that Celtic sea salt is naturally purified and therefore pollution-free. The advantage of 'natural' unrefined salt is that you need much less of it than with 'normal' table salt, as the taste is much more pronounced.

Ingredients: 100% Celtic sea salt (unwashed and unrefined).

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Nutrition information per 100g 
Chloride 56g
Sodium 35g
Sulfate 1,6g
Iron 0,8g
Zinc 0,6g
Magnesium 0,5g
Calcium 0,3g
Potassium 0,2g
Iodine 53mcg

Packaged in the Netherlands.

7 шт.

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