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Dr.OHHIRA® Standard Probiotics

Dr.OHHIRA® Standard Probiotics, 30 capsules / dietary supplement

Dr. Ohhira
38,15 €
Dr.OHHIRA® capsules contain 12 types of live probiotic cultures that are compatible with each other and have achieved the best results in scientific research. The main nuance that makes Dr.OHHIRA® probiotics unique is the fact that Dr. OHHIRA® capsules are not primarily lactic acid bacteria in a capsule, but fermented foods that contain postbiotic...
Price for customer: 36,24 €

Dr.OHHIRA® Deluxe probiotics, 30 capsules / dietary supplement

Dr. Ohhira
48,80 €
Dr. OHHIRA® Formula is a unique blend of: 12 strains of lactic acid bacteria (LAB) carefully selected from more than 180 kinds. Botanical extract. A combination of vegetables, fruits, seaweeds and mushrooms naturally fermented for 5 years that nourish your friendly bacteria. Biogenics. Intestinal pH balancing organic acids along with naturally occurring...
Price for customer: 46,36 €
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Dr. Ohhira® Collagen, 10x20ml / dietary supplement

Dr. Ohhira
120,00 €
Dr. Ohhira® collagen in an original innovative formula of beauty, youthfulness & health combining high quality water-soluble low-molecular weight fish collagen & collagen tripeptide extracted from scales, skin and bones of fish (Red Snapper), as a part of Anti-Age TRIO, and powerful complex of antioxidants. One bottle (20ml) contains 7750mg of...
Price for customer: 114,00 €
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