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Kleeps vegan
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Bubble Bath for the Whole Family "Have Fun", 300ml

Dresdner Essenz
7,95 €
Certified natural cosmetics for the whole family. The foam bath with a gentle apricot scent helps give foamy fun in the bathtub. Dermatologically tested. Suitable for vegans. Usage: mix thoroughly about 40ml per bath. Recommended water temperature is 36-38°C and bath time 10-20min. 
Price for customer: 7,55 €
Kleeps vegan
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Bubble Bath Salt "Sooo Cozy", 60g

Dresdner Essenz
1,95 €
"Sooo Cozy" like a warm snuggle blanket is our bath foam with feel-good foam and the enveloping and soothing scent of saffron, oats and natural West Indian sandalwood essential oil. Your body and mind can relax and your soul will be warmed up. You feel secure all around. An intensive care complex with almond oil, allantoin and wheat protein nourishes your...
Price for customer: 1,85 €


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