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Emu Oil with Infused Lavender Essential Oil, 60ml


Emu Oil with Infused Lavender Essential Oil. Premium quality Australian Emu Oil is the most penetrative oil known to mankind. Its unique combination of Omega 3,6,9 / polyunsaturated fatty acids offers a rich emollient anti-inflammatory quality that has the ability to penetrate deeply to moisturise, hydrate and help treat dry skin conditions for more radiant healthy skin. Can be used on all skin areas and on the whole family; a gentle yet highly effective skin care product - skin food. Y-Not Natural Emu Oil is processed at high quality world standards – TGA, HACCP & GMP. 

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Ingredients: Emu oil infused with 0,02% Lavender Essential Oil.

External use only. Avoid eye contact. Shake well before use. Stand bottle in warm water to liquify if necessary.

Made in Australia.

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