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Gluten Free Falafel Mix with Sweet Potato, 160g


Ingredients: chickpea grist* 39%, rice flour*, rice flakes*, sweet potato pieces* 8%, rock salt, paprika powder*, garlic powder*, coriander*, turmeric*, cumin*, fenugreek*, clove*, chili powder*, ginger*.

*from controlled organic farming

May contain traces of nutslupinesesamemustardcelery and soy.

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Preparation: pour the mix into 250ml of boiling water and leave to absorb for 15 minutes. Thoroughly stir the paste and form into teaspoon-sized balls using moistened hands. Deep-fry to a golden-brown colour in hot oil.

Nutrition value per 100g 
Energy 1455kJ/344kcal
Fat 3,3g
   - of which saturated 0,7g
Carbohydrates 62g
   - of which sugars 2,8g
Fibre 8,2g 
Protein 12g
Salt  2,9g


Made in Germany.

102 шт.

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