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pH Measuring Paper, 5m

19,90 €
A test paper roll to measure the pH level, 5 metres long (up to 100 uses). Allows us to measure pH 1.0 to 10.0. pH strips are very useful to measure the pH of saliva or urine and check the levels of acidity-alkalinity in our body. The best way to know which is the approximate condition of our body pH is through urine. It is recommended to test the first...
Price for customer: 15,92 €

Vitamin E (Tocopherol), 5ml

Erbe di Janas
4,25 €
Ingredients: Tocopherol (Vitamin E) It is a cosmetic additive for external use only! Made in Italy.
Price for customer: 4,04 €

pH Test Strips, 99pcs

6,95 €
Due to our often unbalanced diet, a lot of people are too acidic without knowing it. Therefore regularly check your acid value (pH factor). By using pH Test Strips, you can determine your pH factor quickly and easily. Test strips for monitoring of the pH level in urine pH 5.2–7.6. Serve exclusively for     determining the pH level in any quantity of...
Price for customer: 6,60 €
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Vegetable Glycerin, 100ml

Erbe di Janas
5,40 €
Vegetable glycerin is obtained as a by-product of the refining of vegetable oils and is used in cosmetic products to regulate the water content of the stratum corneum of the skin. Thus, it is a skin-friendly moisturizer suitable for use in creams, lotions and serums. Made in Italy.
Price for customer: 5,13 €
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