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Neem oil, cold pressed, 100ml


Neem oil is cold-pressed from the cape seeds. In India, neem trees are known as "trees that cure all diseases"; in the Arabic language, the neem tree is called a "blessed tree." Neem oil is made up of various substances and resembles olive oil and cocoa powder in terms of the triterpenes and fatty acids (oleic acid, stearic acid) contained therein. This means that the neem oil has strong eudermic properties: it binds well to the hydrolipid film of the skin and has strong moisturizing and softening properties. Neem oil also has many other properties - it has anti-inflammatory, fungal and parasitic effects. It contains substances that help the body fight viruses, bacteria and fungi. An ideal natural pesticide for animals and plants. Suitable for vegans.

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Ingredients: Melia Azadirachta Seed Oil

Made in Italy

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