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Сок мангостина

Сок мангостина, 330мл


Ingredients: 75% mangostan juice + 25% pomegranate juice from certified organic agriculture.

Usage: Adults 30ml to 90ml daily, children 15ml to 30ml daily. After opening, store in a refrigerator and consume quickly.

10,50 €
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Количество Скидка Вы экономите
4 20% До 8,40 €
Nutritional value per 100ml  per 30ml  %*
Energy 270kJ/64kcal 81kJ/19kcal <1%
Fat 0,33g 0,1g <1%
   -of which saturates  0,11g 0,03g <1%
Carbohydrates 15,9g 4,8g <2%
   -of which sugars  15,3g 4,6g 5%
Fibres 3,8g 1,14g
Protein 0,4g 0,1g <1%
Salt <0,03g 0,01g <1%

*reference amount for an average adult

Made in Germany.

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