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Kleeps vegan

Black Garlic, 75g

Must küüslauk
8,05 €
The taste of Black Garlic is mild and sweet, and leaves no specific garlic smell. It can be used as a snack or to flavour savoury dishes, desserts and smoothies. No added sugar, contains natural sugars. Suitable for vegans.
Price for customer: 7,65 €

Black Garlic Powder with Propolis, 120 capsules / dietary supplement

Must küüslauk
27,90 €
Black Garlic (90%) and propolis (10%) capsules are a natural food supplement that strengthens the immune system and helps to cope with stress. Take 3 capsules a day and allow these powerful natural wonders support your body. Ingredients: Black garlic powder, propolis, vegetable capsule (glazing agent pullulan).
Price for customer: 26,51 €
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