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Kleeps vegan
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Масло и спреи для тела

Raspberry Seed Oil, 100ml

Biopark Cosmetics
19,85 €
100% pure, cold-pressed, unrefined raspberry seed oil (Rubus Idaeus). Extremely rich in vitamins E and A, which makes it an excellent antioxidant. In addition, the oil is rich in omega-3 and omega-6 fatty acids necessary for the skin. It gives intensive moisture, softens the skin and helps to improve its elasticity. It helps against small lines or...
Price for customer: 18,86 €
Кисти и аксессуары

Plastic Bottle with Spray Pump, 100ml

Biopark Cosmetics
3,50 €
Spray bottle is perfect for misting on perfumes, body sprays, floral waters, and more!
Price for customer: 3,33 €
Kleeps vegan
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Sprays & Gels with Essential Oils

Insect Repellent "Bugsi", 100ml

Biopark Cosmetics
11,70 €
Natural cosmetic product for skin care and fragrance. Oil mixture with a delicate scent which is unpleasant to the insects. This is not biocide. Contains nourishing jojoba and grape seed oil, which protect and keep the skin moisturized. Usage: Spray on your palm and rub onto skin, avoiding areas around the eyes or mouth. After opening, keep in a cool, dry...
Price for customer: 11,12 €
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