Nutritional Yeast
Inactive yeast with vitamin B12, 125g / Bon Soya
Nutritional Yeast
Inactive yeast with vitamin B12, 125g / Bon Soya

Nutritional Yeast, 125g


Bon nutritional yeast flakes provide excellent flavour to dishes, is high in whole protein and natural fibre, and rich in zinc and B-complex vitamins, including vitamin B12.

Ingredients: inactivated dry yeast (Saccharomyces cerevisiae).



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Nutritional information per 100g  per 5g (1tbs**) 
Energy 1467kJ/349kcal 73kJ/17kcal
Fat 5,0g 0,25g
   - of which saturated 1,0g 0,05g
Carbohydrate 19,0g 0,95g
   - of which sugars 1,0g 0,05g
Fibre 20,0g 1,0g
Protein  47,0g 2,35g
Salt 0,25g 0,0125g
Thiamin 41mg  (3727%*) 2,05mg  (186%*)
Riboflavin 18mg  (1286%*) 0,9mg  (64%*)
Niacin 420mg  (2625%*) 21mg  (131%*)
Pantothetic acid 140mg  (2333%*) 7mg  (117%*)
Vitamin B6 34mg  (2429%*) 1,7mg  (121%*)
Biotin 196µg  (392%*) 9,8µg  (20%*)
Folic acid 4100µg  (2050%*) 205µg  (103%*) 
Vitamin B12 44µg  (1760%*) 2,2µg  (88%*)
Potassium 2200mg  (110%*) 110mg  (5,5%*)
Iron 4mg  (29%*) 0,2mg  (1,4%*)
Zinc 120mg  (1200%*) 6mg  (60%*)

*of daily reference intake (NRV)

**the package contains approximately 25 tablespoonfuls

Made in Estonia.

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