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Интенсивный уход

CBD Moisturising Bright Essence, 100ml

33,00 €
Provides an instant rush of hydration and reveals natural new radiance. An infusion of pure natural freshness, exclusively made to be the first moisture step in your skincare ritual. Brightens dull complexions and prompts the skin´s ability to absorb the following treatments. Confirmed to hydrate, increase skin elasticity and optimize skin pH value....
Price for customer: 31,35 €
Крема для лица

CBD Nurturing Face Cream, 50ml

1 Reviews
34,00 €
Rehydrates, balances and revitalises sensitive and irritated skin. Suitable for normal, dry, dehydrated, stressed and fatigued skin prone to redness and irritation. The hydrating formula combines protective and regenerating properties for all-round skin care. It leaves your complexions radiant, smooth and provides an instant plumping effect. Proven to...
Price for customer: 32,30 €

Shooting CBD Skin Balm, 50ml

31,00 €
Soothing care for stressed, dry, sensitive and over-reactive skin. Brings relife to atopic, flaky, red and itchy skin. Apply this multitasker after shaving, shower and sun, and for diaper rash. Also suitable for both mother and baby. Dermatologically tested.
Price for customer: 29,45 €
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